Scavenger Hunt

Easy outdoor activities for kids in groups or alone. The perfect party time-waster or classroom outdoor project.

Scavenger Hunt Activity Requirements:

A list of items available in outdoor like rock, leaf, grass leaves, flowers, bug, stick, something red, yellow, orange or other colors; color pencils to draw and drawing sheets.

Scavenger Hunt Rules:

Make a list of items available in backyard or in nature if playing outdoors or anything you think of easily available around the play place.

2.      Make multiple copies of the list for each child.

3.      Ask each child to find as many things as they can from the given list.

4.      Once kids are done with hunt ask them to draw pictures of what they find.

5.      Finish the hunt by tallying up how many things they ticked off the list.

Children develop skills to identify objects, memorize names, shapes and colors, exploration skills.