Racing Rectangles

Racing rectangles is an easy and free outdoor activity that involves drawing shapes, counting and moving or jumping in rectangles.

Racing Rectangles Requirements:

Colored Chalk and a dice

Racing Rectangles Game Rules:

  1. Draw as many columns as there are children to play.

2.      Divide each column into x number of rows depending upon how long you want to play. An ideal number can be 10 to 12. We call each column as lane.

3.      Make a start and finish line.

4.      Get a  dice (You can also have more than one Dice to speed up the game)

5.      The kids are the playing pieces.

6.      Each child chooses a number on the dice from 1 to 6.

7.      The roller then rolls the dice and whatever number comes up, that kid moves into their first box of his lane. If you are rolling two or more dices together then two children will move forward.  In cases where the same number shows up on both dices then that child moves two spaces.

8.      Whoever reaches the finish line first is the winner.

9.      You can also have relay race variation in this game. Pair up two or more children in a team.

10.  Number the team members as Player1, Player 2 etc

11.  Player1 start the game and runs the race for x number of dice rolls (let’s say 5)

12.  After 5 dice rolls, player 2 replaces player1 and continues the race.

13.  All other rules remain the same. You can also have a small baton to add fun.