Kick the Can

Kick the can is a fun variation on hide and seek. Guard the can while the other kids hide!

Kick the Can Requirements:

An empty can, hiding places

Kick the Can Game Rules:

1.      A variation on Hide and Seek, this game works best with at least three kids.

2.      One person is designated “it” and will guard the “can” which is set in an open space.

3.      While the other players hide, the “it” counts a higher number (like 20)

4.      Everyone else hides same as hide and seek.

5.      The person who counted and has been guarding “the can” runs around the neighborhood to find everyone.

6.      Once a person who is found, have a race, where the person who has just been found has to try to kick the can over before “it” does.

7.      If “it” kicks the can, the hider is caught and placed in “prison” on the porch.

8.      If the hider kicks the can, she and all players in prison are free, and “it” must count again.

9.      There seems to always be those kids who will hide in a dumb, easy to discover place, with the intent of sprinting for the can if they’re caught.

10.  If the “it” finds everyone, he wins the game.