Host a Mini-Olympics

Host a mini-Olympics with your kids for a fun outdoor activity.

Mini Olympics Requirements:

List of small kids outdoor activities and games, medals from dollar store

Mini Kids Olympics Game Rules:

Make a list of various games like wheelbarrow races, obstacle courses, water balloon tosses and jumping competitions etc.

2.      Choose first three positions in each category

3.      If there is tie for a position give medal both participants.

4.      Finish off the fun with a mini-Olympic awards ceremony to honor all of the athletes.

5.     Buy medals at the local dollar store or make your own with construction paper, colored pencils and string.

6.     Multiply number of gold medals won by a child with 3, number of silver medals with 2 and number of bronze medals with 1 and add all these scores for each medal category to get the final score. Let kids do this math.

7.     Kid who has highest score is ultimate winner.