Chalk it up to fun – Fun Shapes & Drawing

Hours of free outdoor activities for kids with a bit of chalk and space to draw.

Chalk Activities Requirements:

Colored Chalk and sidewalk space

Chalk Activities Rules:

1. This activity can keep your children busy outdoors for hours. Give children some colored chalk and have them draw different things on sideway or driveway. There are different things you can do using the chalk.

2. Younger kids can draw simple object shapes like fruits, vegetables, faces, cars etc

3. Kids can draw a small zoo, farm, town etc and add small toy cars to drive around the streets; add plastic animals in the zoo or farm and can play visiting the farm or zoo.

4. Another exercise will be to draw a trail of animal foot prints. You can draw foot prints of elephants, lions, snakes, rabbits, cats, dogs, and so on. It will help kids recognize various animal footprints. They can compare how big these footprints are. You can have children walk on the foot prints pretending to be that animal.

5. Children can draw various shapes, footprints etc in different colors. They can also draw different shapes like circle, square etc in various colors. It will help them memorize various colors and shapes.

6. For the older children, you can try the game of Tic Tac Toe or hopscotch Or Chalk Racing Rectangles and play it together.

7. If you have an outside wall available, cover it with large sheets of butcher paper and have the kids enjoy graffiti art with their chalk.

8. Older kids can also think up a small rhyme or poem and have them write it out and illustrate using the chalk.

9. Kids can make a pattern with dots and have the kids connect the dots to make a picture.

10. Kids can also write their names with the chalk and decorate them as well.

Obviously one key to using sidewalk chalk in all of these different types of activities is to have plenty of space and good weather. Really, if you have these two things, the afternoon will fly by with creative games and art. As a favor, give each guest a new stick of chalk to take home to continue the fun!