Great outdoor activities and games for kids from 2 till 6.

Scavenger Hunt

Easy outdoor activities for kids in groups or alone. The perfect party time-waster or classroom outdoor project. Scavenger Hunt Activity Requirements: A list of items available in outdoor like rock, leaf, grass leaves, flowers, bug, stick, something red, yellow, orange or other colors; color…


Racing Rectangles

Racing rectangles is an easy and free outdoor activity that involves drawing shapes, counting and moving or jumping in rectangles. Racing Rectangles Requirements: Colored Chalk and a dice Racing Rectangles Game Rules: Draw as many columns as there are children to play. 2.      Divide each…


Kick the Can

Kick the can is a fun variation on hide and seek. Guard the can while the other kids hide! Kick the Can Requirements: An empty can, hiding places Kick the Can Game Rules: 1.      A variation on Hide and Seek, this game works best with…